Pierre-Auguste Renoir Research Paper

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), who created ~6000 works and suffered from severe RA for the last 25 years of his life. Evidence from personal letters, photographs and biographical notes gives testimony to the way that artist’s technique evolved to overcome the difficulties of the rheumatic disease. The so-called painter of happiness did not know about the benefits conferred by disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs and was treated with purges and antipyrine. Due to nature course of disease, he suffered fixed flexion deformity and destruction of his knees, ankylosing of right shoulder and rupture of several extensors of the hands. Renoir also experienced complications such as pleuritis, weight loss, nodules, cutaneous vasculitis and bedsore.
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He overcome the progressive deformities and disability by using his palette to be fixed on the arm of his wheelchair and the brushes to be attached to his hands with the aid of bandages to prevent maceration when painting. The artist made vital changes of the way of his works and material used, painting with small and rapid stokes and inventing the moving canvas or picture roll.
Zautra et al. recently documented that a history of depression increase pain among rheumatoid arthritis patients, finding both joint pain and bodily pain were linked to a patient’s history of depression. Coping strategies of problem- focused and emotion-focused can be defined as the psychological and behaviour steps taken that help a patient to manage the psychological stress triggered by an illness. It is apparent that Renoir employed both problem- and emotion-focused strategies to stay positive and productive throughout his struggle with

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