Piedmont Peace Project Case Study

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Subsequently, knowing how to play the systems game as, Linda did to gain critical documents which otherwise were out of her and the other organizers reach. These people are often women or families of latino/a backgrounds. For Arise, what they do to get around this divide is help encourage and establish leadership skills in youth that can play that role for them instead of needing interns. While benefitting from college interns, Arise could target areas of need that could be filled in by the resources college students in the area have available, including teaching and presenting skills one has to use in college can use to expand learning and teaching opportunities to community members. The goal would be to provide a service that others in the community build off of. Part of me respects Piedmont Peace Project due to their requirement of agreeing to a three year commitment process as understanding issues of race, discrimination, are not wham ban thank you ma’am learning you do and then never address the issues again.

Like PPP- Arise finds themselves constantly having to stay vigilant. This vigilance of Arise to secure networking holds can be seen through how they empower local residents, including white heterosexual men who believe and I’ve a life according to Feminist perspective. At the current
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Frank went on to opening a store in Springfield resulting in networking wealth or connections he was able to establish through his experience with Arise making friends and alliances he gained in his position during his time at Arise. Frank was another youth who came from Springfield and a single mother home. Working within the class of people at Arise has created leaders and businessmen who in turn contribute to the city in ways they were not able to prior to learning and developing a strong network of connections and training opportunities through

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