Piece Of Advice In College

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As I finish my first semester of college, there were few pieces of advice that I would have wanted to know going into my first semester at SLU. They are do not over stress, study, do your homework, and have fun. College is going to be a giant adjustment from high school. In high school, you are given a strict schedule to follow, but in college your schedule is all up to you. One way to avoid over stressing is by using your free time throughout the day to do all your homework. Homework and small assignments end up boosting your grade at the end of the semester. Always keep in the back of your mind that college is supposed to be the best time of your life and where you find out who you are. In the end, college is what you make of it, so enjoy your first semester …show more content…
The way Dr. Phillips structures the class, you start out writing short papers then build into longer and more detailed papers. My first piece of advice about English 1500 is that you need to put in work to be successful in this class. Everyday in class you are given a writing assignment that helps build onto the major paper, and if you take the time to do the assignment right, the major essay will be significantly easier to write. My second piece of advice is go to student writing services. The first time you go may be frightening, but after you go to the writing center, you will want to go for every paper because they help you from start to finish of every paper. Also the five bonus points for going is just another incentive. My final piece of advice for acing English 1500 is use your professor. For every major writing, you will meet with Dr. Phillips. Dr. Phillips is the greatest resource you will have for her class, so make sure you incorporate her suggestion in your paper. In the end, you will succeed in English 1500 if you do your work and use the resources SLU provides for

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