Picking Up The Pieces : Little Bee Essays

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Picking Up The Pieces

Little Bee is a fiction novel written by Chris Cleave. Little Bee is narrated by Little Bee and Sarah who live in two different countries but a tragic encounter brings them together. This novel is about a little girl that is captured and placed in a refugee detention, where she compared herself to a British coin. She is frightened and feel abandoned because she has no one to talk or interact with. She goes through so many emotions and issues to press forward with her life. I think this book would be a good read, if you’re ready to go on an emotional roller coaster.
One day on a beach in Nigeria, Andrew and Sarah O’Rourke was on vacation to try to reconcile their marriage due to Sarah’s infidelity. Two little girls name Little Bee and Nkiruka, who are sisters, ran towards them as the men ran after them with machetes. The men caught up with them and challenged Andrew on behalf of the survival for the young girls’ lives. They challenged him to sacrifice his finger to save the girls. He resisted, Sarah then accepted the challenge and took the machete and cut her finger without hesitation to save the girls lives. The men raped and killed Little Bee’s sister Nkiruka, while she watched. That was at stained memory in Little Bee’s head for the rest of her life. That was the beginning of a relationship that neither Andrew nor Sarah was ready for or cared to revisit. Little Bee escaped and was captured, and placed in a British immigration detention, where…

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