Essay on Picking Up My Life And Moving At Wisconsin

717 Words Oct 4th, 2016 3 Pages
Picking up my life and moving to Wisconsin wasn’t the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Over the past fourteen weeks, I have had the joy of meeting phenomenal groups of new people within my job, my GA position, classes, and volunteering. Although I have had a great time getting to know others, I have felt a little inauthentic. Like most people, when I meet new people, I try really hard to make a good first impression. I have remained acting like my scatter-brained, self-conscious, excited self while meeting new people; however, I haven’t let anyone know that at the beginning, I didn’t necessarily feel as much at home as I had at the beginning.
After classes started, I really wasn’t sure if I fit in or if I was prepared enough to be in graduate school. I pushed through my first two weeks of school in a confused daze. In that time, I forgot to do discussion questions, printed off a hard-copy of an assignment instead of submitting it to d2l, and gotten an 8/10 on a quiz. I knew I was where I wanted to be for graduate school, but I wasn’t sure if that’s where I should have been. I was doing my best to not let my classmates, instructors, or co-workers know how flustered and scattered my life was. I didn’t want everyone’s first impressions of me to be how I was currently feeling about myself. I wasn’t being very authentic with anybody, even most of my friends and family at home. There were a few people who didn’t really want me to go into the program I did, and I was…

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