Piatchek Corporate Structure

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My business consists of the CEO and four other directors, which are the accountant, researcher, lawyer, and administrative associate. The CEO of the company is the decision maker, leader, manager, and executor; the CEO also hire potential employees, as well as conducting investigation, participating in all court proceedings and negotiations, receiving notice of all court documents, and requesting hearings. In addition, based off how well the company is doing then that will be the CEO salary, based off revenue. The first director is the accountant, he/she jobs is to prepare assets, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information, their salary will be at least 53,550 annually. Furthermore, the second director …show more content…
Piatchek Law Firm will be the legal service providers. They assist new business owners in pursuit of their goals and dreams, and they are excited to help their clients explore new business ideas and watching the ideas come to life. Furthermore, the accounting firm that will help my business will be Williams-Keeper. This accounting firm provide employee benefit consulting, business valuations, litigation support. In addition, they serve clients in the not-for-profit organizations, higher education institutions, and family businesses. Moreover, the payroll firm I will use to help my business is Samek & Company, LLC. This company eliminates the risks or calculating and filling your own payroll taxes, also the company provides a wide variety of user-friendly and accurate payroll reports. KolbeCo will be the marketing service providers for the firm. This company is a full service marketing, communications, design firm. As well as, they can give my law firm a nice logo and website/business design. 804 Technology leads the industry in its customer-focused standard for quality, service and professionalism, this company will service the firm by adding all technology it will need. In my specific line of business by documents will have to be secret for client’s purposes, which lead me to Data Dash. They secure business work meaning you cannot access any information from home, travel, or etc. Most importantly, they keep client information protected, as well as large projects and small projects they can help customize the project. If one of my employees get sick, take vacation, or any other personal matters that will approach then I will need a temporary personnel. Snelling will be the temporary personnel for the firm, this company review potential employees for my firm, just in case

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