Essay about Piaget 's Cognitive Development Theory

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Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory is a standard theory in the field of psychology used to describe how people grow and change with regards to personal reasoning skills. According to the text, Piaget’s cognitive development theory is the “principle that from infancy to adolescence, children progress through four qualitatively different stages of intellectual growth” (Belsky, 2012, p. 22) The four stages (occurring during childhood) developed by Piaget are: Sensorimotor, Preoperations, Concrete Operations, and Formal Operations. Each stage has subsequent stages, which further details Piaget’s beliefs around the development of a growing mind. Since its inception, Piaget’s cognitive development theory has been widely accepted in the field, and Piaget was applauded for being able to structure developmental cognition in a measurable way. It was a great benefit for those with special interests in cognition and development to have labels and guidelines to follow while observing developmental changes. However, Piaget’s stages were rigid, and somewhat unforgiving, a fact accepted by Piaget himself. The growth of human beings is not something that happens uniformly, every single person develops individually, at their own pace with a wide range of variables, ranging from heredity to socioeconomic status to trauma. Due to these facts, Piaget’s theory has become the subject of considerable scrutiny over the years. Developmental and social disorders do not fit so neatly into…

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