Essay on Physiological Disorders

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Physiological disorders:

In this assignment I am going to describe two physiological disorder in details, the details that I am going to go into is what the disorder is, signs and symptoms, cause of the disorder, physiological changes as a result of treatment and the factors influencing the development of the disorder, explain the signs and symptoms related to two named physiological disorders, describe the investigations that care carried out to enable the diagnosis of these physiological disorders and assess possible difficulties involved in the diagnosis of the disorders from their signs and symptoms.


The two physiological disorders that I am going to talk about are Diabetes and Asthma.

What is diabetes?
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Asthma causes coughing, attacks which are triggered by exercise, wheezing, tightness of the cheat and breathlessness and this could happen at any age. People, who have asthma and search out for the correct treatment will be able to lead a normal life, people who do not search out for the correct treatment they can experience from brutal asthma attacks. This will cause eternal damage to the airways.

The signs and symptoms of asthma

The there a few common signs and symptoms of asthma and they are:

* Shortness of breathe * Coughing * Wheezing * Tightness in your chest

Asthma symptoms can be easy-going, reasonable or brutal. These symptoms are likely to be changeable and may stop and start and usually get worse at night as your body is more relaxed.

The cause of asthma

The cause of asthma has not been found out yet. The symptoms that will trigger the airways in your lung and make an asthma attack happen or get worse is:

* Chemicals * Dust, cigarette smoke or fumes * Weather * Infections like colds and flu * Allergies to pollen, medicines, animals or certain food * Emotions (laughing or crying as it causes stress)

What happens while and after treatment

While an asthma attack occurs your airways happens to be irritated and inflamed, the cells in your throat produce more mucus which is a sticky material that clogs up the airways in the lungs, the

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