Physics : Reflection On Mathematical Power Essay

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Reflection on Mathematical Power
In a thoughtful paragraph, summarize the key learning you are taking away from Mathematical Power?

I have definitely learned a lot of concepts, ideas, and more through reading Mathematical Power and hearing more about Ruth and Cathy’s journey through creating an interesting math class for Cathy’s students. I think one of the ideas I learned that really stood out for me was being willing to take risks and do things outside of my comfort zone. There were definitely some parts in this book where I was reading about what Ruth decided to do and thinking that she was a little insane and crazy. However, Ruth helped Cathy get out of her comfort zone and become more confident in teaching math. Cathy said that by the end of the year, math had become one of her favorite subjects when in the beginning is was her least favorite. Sometimes in order to find a great idea or concept, you just need to take a leap of faith and go for it. Ruth did this when she asked the students to figure out the fraction of students who took the bus to school out of all the students in the classroom (Parker 39). At first, students were a little confused, but soon they set off to find the answer. Many of them got the correct answer and others were very close to getting there. I hope when I have my own classroom that I am not afraid to take risks and that I will be confident in my ideas and ambitions. One last key points I learned through reading this book, is the importance…

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