Physics : Physics And Physics Essay

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The use of graphs, diagrams, equations, prototypes, manipulatives, simulations, and other forms of conceptual models provide teachers and students with tools that can enhance the learning experience in advanced science classes. At first glance, it would seem that achievement in science should directly correlate with mathematics achievement because of the mathematics skills often needed to construct graphs or solve mathematical equations common in physical science disciplines. Upon further study, it seems the mathematical ability specifically related to geometry, scale, and orientation are most likely to accurately predict achievement in science classes like physics and chemistry (Pallrand & Seeber, 1984). It seems a student’s spatial ability highly correlates to achievement in science classes (Johnstone, 2006; Pallrand & Seeber, 1984). Further, spatial ability has been identified as a major indicator of student achievement within FDI populations (Johnstone, 2006; MacLeod, Jackson, & Palmer, 1986; Pallrand & Seeber, 1984).
Spatial ability can be defined as “an individual’s skill in perceiving fixed geometric/spatial relations and in applying mental transformations such as rotation or reconfiguration to existing spatial relations” (MacLeod, et al., 1986, p. 141). As previously noted, visual representations are commonly used within the chemistry classroom (Justi & Gilbert, 1999a, 1999b, 2002b; Johnstone, 1991, Talanquer, 2011, Taber, 2013), so a student’s ability to perceive…

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