Physics Of The Science Of Karma Essays

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1. How I do one thing, I do everything

There is an effect in Quantum mechanics named Butterfly effect. It states that a butterfly fluttering its wing in the USA can bring a hurricane in China. When I read this first I was moved deeply.

I started reading more about this with my advancement I found that due to the flapping the environment and universe in the USA registered a change, that change was first noticed in the particles of the environment near butterfly then that vibration was transferred to the next particle and it went on passing the impression.

In layman terms, it is just like the ripples observed in the sea. One ripple can cause a wave similarly one change can bring a colossal hurricane.

It carries to our life also. Thoughts vibrate in the ether so if we have one good thought and we stick over it for a longer time, our whole future changes. Forget the science of karma.

One good thought results in one good idea, one good idea becomes one good action, one good action becomes one good work, one good work becomes one good habit, one good habit becomes one good quality, one good quality becomes one good asset in our personality, one good asset in our personality gradually becomes one’s identity.

I think one good thing, I do one good thing, I do fare well in everything.

2. We are what we are, we are not what we are not

What are we? Are we the body in flesh and blood? Are we the mind that captures us? Are we the position we hold?

If we identify we are…

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