Physics In Football Essay

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Physics is very relevant to football. Mechanics is the part of physics that relate to football. When you throw a football, physics is being used. You make adjustments to your body to where you want the ball to be. When you punt or kick a football, it is moving with the velocity it was given depending on the force it was given from the person. The football will follow a parabolic direction after a kick or throw. You won’t know that you’re using physics because it comes naturally. When blocking and tackling, torque and center of mass are being used. When a runner and tackler meets, impulse and momentum are being used when they collide. There is so much more physics being done while playing football. Throwing or kicking a football is important to physics. While the football is in the air, it follows a parabolic direction. It does that because gravity slows it down until it hits its peak. Then the ball comes down while gravity accelerates the football until the person catches it or it hits the ground. When someone kicks the football, they control three things. Those three things are the angle, the rotation of the ball, and the speed or velocity when it leaves their foot. The velocity and the angle of the kick determine how long the hang-time will be, how high it will go, and how far it will go. When you throw a football, you are using physics. You make adjustments for everything, such as the weight of the ball and the distance and wind. The further away the receiver is, the …show more content…
Football shows some great examples of physics. The more of the science you know, the better you will understand football. Football players wear pads to reduce the chance of getting injured. The purposes of those are for absorbing energy when you are getting tackled. The soft spot is on the inside of the pads close to the player so they won’t feel as much pain from the

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