Physics Anxiety: A Qualitative Analysis

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The qualitative analysis has produced three major sources of physics anxiety as follows: unpleasant classroom activities, fear of test, and feeling of inadequacy in terms of their knowledge in Physics acquired when they were still in high school. These themes have served a framework for description and interpretation of the data.
1. Unpleasant Classroom Activities
Unpleasant classroom activities as a source of Physics anxiety involved perceptions of lecturing, problem solving activities, and answering in front of the class. The participants said that they were anxious when they can no longer follow the lecture of their teacher. They fear that they will no longer understand the succeeding concepts and worry that they will get low grades or
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The worst part is they don’t know how to derive equations. Added to this is the bulk of work involved in solving problems which resulted in the loss of interest among students. This should not be the case in a Physics class because the language of Physics is mathematics. One student shared that as much as she would want to memorize the equations, she cannot do so because of the number of variables to be considered, thus making her feel the only one in class not able to grasp the meaning of the …show more content…
The participants used the following terms to describe their feelings of inadequacy: lack of confidence, frustration, and worry. These students claim that their knowledge in physics was only limited to what they learned in high school physics and according to them, the concepts that they learned were not enough to understand college physics. It was spoon feeding when they were still in high school wherein the teacher just identified the given variables and the equation to be used without derivation. This is the reason why the students are anxious in college physics because they do not have enough knowledge in the process of derivations of formulas. They claimed that they should have understood better if their high school teacher taught them how to derive even simple physics equations. The students also feel inadequate in terms of the terminologies in Physics. They should have followed and understood the lectures better if they already have prior knowledge on the concepts which according to them should have been taught in high

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