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In the article, “Lagging Far Behind: Women in the Middle East” Judith Colp Rubin (2012), an author, journalist and publisher, demonstrates the main aspects behind causing inequality between male and female rights in the Arab World. Colp Rubin clearly states based on certified statistical evidence, that despite of the basic rights given to females in the Arab region, lack in the equilibrium between both genders has still been consistent. She demonstrates her claim by referring to the discriminated political roles given to women in government, to the violence and mistreatment caused by peers in the surrounding society, and finally in the work field and education. Overall, the detailed ideas, the objective and straight-forward strategy …show more content…
However, the effective strategy of comparing different Arabian countries towards specific issues, and then supporting her claims through statistical evidence, such as the Arab Human Development Report, helped the author achieve her goals. Thus, influence on the reader’s beliefs, values, and attitude. Colp Rubin’s straightforward and coherent strategy in explaining how inequality is spread through various Arabian regions is clearly defined, by providing names of people related to the issues discussed, such as: Latifa al-Qu’ud, Mariam Farhat, Louisa Hanoun, Aisha Ratib, and Fatma Lashin. As mentioned before, referring to the Arab Human Development Report poll more than five times in the text, indeed, had a positive effect in describing what the Arab representatives think towards specific subjects being reviewed. For example, at the beginning of “Women in Politics” section, Colp Rubin initiates with the reference to the percent of the participants that agreed that women should be included in politics. On the other hand, another strategy, that proves Colp Rubin’s seriousness towards the issue, is referring to the thoughts of those participating in the Arab Human Development Report, and then showing how these thoughts are reflected in the reality of the Arab life. As a sample, the author mentions that 91% of the

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