Physician 's Assistant And A Registered Nurse Essay

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Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, headaches… nobody enjoys being sick. It is not something that humans can decide or control, it just happens. When sick, individuals often turn to medicine. However, when that doesn’t work it is time to call in a visit to the doctor. The problem is explained, the doctor makes a diagnosis, and, just like that, the patient is done. It is all so simple. Despite the ever seeming simplicity, it is in the background where the complex intertwining jobs are discovered which create and define “healthcare”. Two jobs that are very important are the jobs of a physician’s assistant and a registered nurse.
A physician’s assistant and a registered nurse are both jobs that require the individual to be in contact with patients, truly jobs that require a passion for the well- being of others. They listen to complaints and find the best ways to handle them while being able to adapt to patient changes. It is also important for both to keep track of medicines and files so that they can be organized and prepared. These professions require the employee to keep in contact with physicians and other members of the medical staff regularly. Although these jobs may seem very similar they do have distinct differences. A physician’s assistant needs a vast amount of knowledge. They can be required to interpret things such as x-rays and blood tests. Due to working solely with patients, it is also important that they know how to conduct physicals and possess a

general knowledge…

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