Physician Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized Essay

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When discussing the topic of Physician Assisted Suicide, also known as (PAS), a controversial issue has been the debate of whether or not it should be legalized in every state. On the one hand, some individuals believe if one has a terminal illness that is in fact incurable, then one should have the right to request a lethal dosage. The lethal dosage is prescribed by a licensed physician. Others however, oppose with (PAS) being legalized, they seem to refer it as self-inflicted murder, otherwise known as “suicide”. My own view that people who do not have a chance for long term survival should have the right in requesting the lethal dosage. This only applies to the ones who have less than six months to live and have no chance of survival whatsoever. Although, there are some disadvantages that involve with requesting a physician for a lethal dosage, such as well losing one’s life earlier than expected. I also agree that physician assisted suicide should not be legalized in every state due to fact that many people do not necessarily need the dosage and just take advantage of the law. The reason for legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide is so that individuals who have an incurable illness and have less than 6 months to live, have the option in ending their life. It of course is so that the individual will not suffer any longer. Someone who is dealing with excruciating pain should not be forced to live their last moments suffering when they can end their life peacefully.…

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