Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized Essay

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They sit there hopeless, wishing there was a way out. Many terminally ill people are suffering everyday. While some people agree with legalizing physician assisted suicide, many others also disagree. Physician assisted suicide should be legalized because it helps people stop suffering and pass comfortably. In an article titled "Why I Believe in Voluntary Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide", Humphry states that "there is a second form of suicide-justifiable suicide, which is rational and planned deliverance from a painful and hopeless disease" (Humphry), implying that people suffer everyday from terminal illnesses which cases them to think that life if no longer worth living. This confirms that people no longer have a good quality of life. While some people are outraged at the thought of physician assisted suicide being legalized, studies show that most terminally ill patients at least want the option. Humphry then states that "What most people often do not realize is that for many, just knowing how to kill your self itself is a great comfort" (Humphry), revealing that when patients know how they are going to die, it helps them accept and be comfortable with the fact that it is going to happen. Even though the topic of legalizing physician assisted suicide is divisive, research has indicated that patients who have the option available to them are more at peace with their situation. Overall, many people agree with
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