Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

1624 Words Apr 12th, 2016 null Page
A fact about physician-assisted suicide is, “Physician-assisted suicide is legal in five U.S. states such as, Oregon, Vermont,Washington, and California. It is an option given to individuals by state law in Oregon, Vermont, Washington and California ("Physician-Assisted Suicide Fast Facts").” Other states believe that helping someone to end their life is immoral, but these people don’t see many patients suffering from a terminal illness, looking for a life without misery. To overcome this struggle physician-assisted suicide should be their outlet through the distribution of prescription drugs. Although physician-assisted suicide, which is an aggressive approach, is illegal there is a passive approach that physicians have vowed to take. Humans and animals are very similar in their anatomy. Veterinarians are able to assist these animals by putting them asleep if they are in pain, but physicians are unable to help humans; it is hypocritical to help one life, but not another. Contrary to what people believe, physician-assisted suicide is not immoral and should be legal in all fifty states. Physician-assisted suicide should be legal in every state in the case of a person having a terminal illness. A terminal illness patient is one who has a very short time to live because the disease in which they have is incurable and there is no adequate treatment. These patients are suffering. There are many diseases such as, cancer, Lou Gehrig 's, and heart trauma that have patients in the…

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