Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

1038 Words Apr 30th, 2015 null Page
PAS Visualize your life at the most joyful time you can think of- engaged to your better half, a life ahead full of promises. You are at the point where being happy and having a merry life is all you are looking forward to. You have the best and most memorable days with your significant other traveling the world, hiking, and going on adventures. Three months ago you were taken to the emergency room after suffering from major headaches and seizures, after having some MRI’s done the diagnosis was unfortunate; a brain tumor had developed and was slowly and progressively going to kill you within the next year. Fear overwhelms you but that is actually the motivation for living the last days to the fullest with your love ones. The next three months, however is a whole different story, you find yourself helpless and vulnerable as you realize your life is coming to an end in a harsh and agonizing way. The morphine cannot take care of the pain, and it only makes it more unbearable. Physician assisted suicide should be an option for the terminally ill, when dying becomes evident and increasingly difficult to handle. Others believe that PAS should not be an option for the terminally ill. They think that taking this action is morally wrong and doctors who assist it are acting ethically wrong, forgetting about the principles they should maintain. Since, it is considered suicide society thinks that people are ending their lives without thinking about the act they are committing.…

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