Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essays

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Imagine a loved one battling with stage four cancer. The cancer is not responding to any type of treatment, and your loved one will never leave the hospital. Your loved one requires twenty-four-hour care, is confined to a wheelchair or bed, unable to feed themselves, clothe, or bathe themselves, and has difficulty communicating. Ask yourself, is life worth living in this situation? Many patients would rather end the suffering and pain. For many human beings, the value of life is commonly linked to the quality of living, and life below a certain quality is no longer worth living (“Right to Die”). A possible option your loved one could have is physician assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide is a voluntary termination of someone’s own life by taking lethal medication with or without the presence of a physician; known as voluntary euthanasia ("Physician Assisted Suicide Law & Legal Definition"). Many people have a variety of concerns whether physician assisted suicide should be legal in all U.S. states. People have the right to turn down any kind of medical treatment. This is why I agree that someone should have the choice and legal rights to die with the help of a physician.
This controversy started in the 1990’s with the right-to-die movement. Jack Kevorkian one of the most important advocates of the right- to-die movement. Kevorkian was a pathologist who came up with a “suicide medicine.” Kevorkian helped over one hundred thirty people end their life. In 1998…

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