Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essays

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For the last 6 months of her life, my mother did not want to live. She suffered from advanced cervical cancer that spread rapidly throughout her body. After battling a bacterial infection acquired after surgery, she was left weak, confused, and in a lot of pain. All the things that life made enjoyable were quickly being taken away from her. And she did not want to live. Imagine a life where an illness has taken over your entire body. This illness left you incapable of conducting the basics of life; you can’t breathe on your own, you can’t move when you want, you can’t talk. We make choices every day on how we want to live our lives. We choose our occupation, who we want to marry, so why can’t we choose when enough is enough? Why do we have to suffer in pain? I strongly agree that physician-assisted suicide should be legal for competent terminally ill patients for several reasons. Patients have the right to determine their own fate, physician assisted suicide can reduce suffering for the family and friends, and patients should have the right to relieve their own suffering and pain. First, physician assisted suicide would give patients the right to end their own life on their own terms. We live in a country where we have rights to speech, to learn, to love, to live, so we should have a right to die as well. If a patient is terminally ill and would like to avoid excruciating pain in a dignified manner, it should be their right. We are said to live in a country where we are…

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