Physician Assisted Suicide ( Pas ) Legal Essay

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Eighteen states across the country are contemplating whether or not to make Physician assisted suicide (PAS) legal. PAS is legal in five states: Oregon, California, Vermont and Washington. Accepting physician-assisted suicide or a “right to suicide,” produces a wall between the patient and mental health treatments. PAS is when a licensed physician guides and aids a terminally ill patient, who which decides to kill himself by using prescribed drugs. Physicians are meant to care and have respect for the life of every human being. The intrinsic values of people and their life, such as health, friendship and wisdom are apart of humans. So, to act against any of these goods is also directly acting against the person. Human life is indistinguishable to the person itself. Therefore, the choice to terminate a human being, even to end unavoidable pain, is opposite to the respect and admiration for the person or patient. Physicians assisting patients to suicide is morally mistaken because it degrades the purpose to preserve the intrinsic values of the patient. Advocates of physician-assisted suicide propose that the quality of life is the real good versus just being alive. However, there is no such thing as a mere human life; each person is unique, special and is one of a kind.
What happens when the pain of a patient’s illness is unbearable? Why can’t physicians be able to eliminate a patient 's suffering by helping them to die? Yet, we need to know the distinction between…

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