Physician Assisted Suicide, Or Euthanasia, Should Not Be An Option For Patients?

1276 Words Jul 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia, should not be an option for patients. Euthanasia could open up an opportunity for patients with non-critical illnesses who are suffering from depression or other mental health illnesses to commit suicide. It also could create an opportunity for the population who needs protection the most to be taken advantage of. Additionally, the practice of euthanasia can open the door to hopelessness for doctors and families and keep them from looking for life-saving or prolonging measures. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the practice of euthanasia reduces the value of human life by allowing it to become a byproduct of humans instead of remaining something to be determined by the laws of nature. Historically, euthanasia seems to have been supported by ancient people of Greece and Rome, but once Christianity came into the scene it viewed life as a “trust from God” and this idea became outdated for the next several centuries. In the US, death with the aid of a physician is legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, California, and Montana. The practice of euthanasia with the aid of a physician could potentially pave the way for people to view life as something that is not precious. Say someone suffering from depression or who has other mental health issues might mistakenly believe that they have no value and that their temporary, treatable mindset would best be dealt with by ending it all. This gives doctors the ability to play God, something…

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