Physician Assisted Suicide And Suicide Essay

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Physician Assisted Suicide “When my mother contracted ovarian cancer at 56, she was very clear that she wanted to be able to depart the world with dignity” (Andrew Soloman). These type of patients know that they will eventually die and that they can’t do anything about their sickness. They don’t want people to see them so weak. Physician assisted suicide is a way to end your life when you are in pain. Although, this method is not very well known because only a few have actually legalized it. It is starting to become a lot more used and known. Terminally ill patients go through so much pain daily knowing their chances of survival are very low. They do not want to suffer so much that last months of their lives are spent in pain and unable to do anything. Opinions are very different about this subject, the reason most disagree with the right to die is because of their personal morals. Physician assisted suicide is a difficult no matter the location, time period, circumstances as the taking of a human life even by person choice, is controversial.
Out of all 50 states there is only five states who have legalized physician assisted suicide. These include Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and finally California ( This is a very short list, considering the first state to legalize was in 1994. No other states are even beginning to think about legalizing this anytime soon. 1994 was when Oregon first passed the law to make it legal for you to request to…

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