Physical Unique Hotel Case Study

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The definitions of a physical unique hotel may be different, but what they all have in common, is that they are either placed a uniquely beautiful place, or the building itself is unique. Physically unique hotel is a hotel which appears differently than the others and it makes it interesting and original. People can say at first glimpse that it is a physical unique hotel. There were special efforts put in the idea of the appearance and the process of building it was different (for example ice hotels, cave hotels).
Besides, the good service you get at these hotels, you also get an experience just to be at the hotel. It is almost an experience itself.
A physically unique hotel, for example, either the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, an ice
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The first problem statement is about what characterizes the physical unique hotels. The first section is generally about the different types of physical unique hotels. In the first section, there will also be a short description of the Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort, which is the one hotel franchise that this report will, has its main focus on. In the problem statement issue number two, we discuss which central issues and challenges are/had Banyan Tree Holdings facing/faced. In the issue three in the problem statements, there will be an analysis of which tendencies towards development can be observed in Banyan Tree Holdings in the tourism industry. Therefore, the focus and delimitation will be about the Banyan Tree …show more content…
Owners usually think progressively to make their work successful in non-traditional destinations and make it attractive for demanding clients because they are well aware that everything singularly attracts publicity and many travelers. It is the best example of out-of-the-box design so we can say that unusual things can be beautiful as well.
Unusual hotels are unique and different than others because they have an audacity to make a difference, curiosity to question why, boldness to question why not. A big thirst for adventure and passion something do in different way as the others.
Those who realise the difference between being a traveller and a tourist looking for the unique place to stay. Every unusual hotel has its own story. It’s not about the time and it’s not about the money. „It's not about where you are. It's about how you feel at the moment when you are part of something. And if you find that moment will last forever.“

As was said in the definition part the physical unique hotel is a hotel which appears differently than the others and it makes it interesting and original. It is obvious from the first look that the hotel is not regular one and people don’t even have to go inside to say

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