Physical Training At A High Level Essay

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If you train like the majority, then you will play and execute like the majority. So, why not train with specificity? If you exercise with a routine specifically designed with complex and thorough exercises using the latest equipment, then your training will improve and positive results will show on and off the playing field. Specificity in physical conditioning optimizes performances. And that is the latest trend volleyball coaches are moving towards.
The game of volleyball requires a player to have muscular strength in both the lower and upper body regions. In order to perform at a high level, volleyball players need a physical training program optimizing their biomotor abilities—(strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination.) The Principle of Specificity states that there is a specific response to the “specificity” of your training load. That response will emphasize one or more of the abilities that you train to execute. It also implies, you must perform that exercise or skill routinely, in order to execute it with perfection. In the case study: “Physical Training, An Important Factor in the Training of Junior Volleyball Players” conducted by Laura Ciulea and Ioan Burca from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in Targu Mures, Romania, agreed that the concepts of volleyball training should inquire all the components of a specified, strategic training program, in order to improve one’s physical conditioning level. Ciulea and Burca’s hypothesis states,…

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