Physical Therapy And Mental Therapy Essay

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Have you ever wondered what career you might want when you grow up? 1. I have, and for me it has always been physical therapy. Other career ideas have come and gone, but physical therapy tends to always be the one I come back to. Both of my parents are physical therapists, which has intrigued me. Getting to be around people with this career has let me see some of the amazing things about it, and some of the not-so-amazing things. When choosing a career in physical therapy, it is important for me to consider each element involved. Physical therapists, or PTs, have a great deal of responsibilities. 2. PTs “help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain” (Occupational Outlook). This means that they interact with people throughout their day. Which, for some people, may not be the best thing. 9. However, anyone who wants to be a PT should have exceptional relational skills (Occupational Outlook). Since they are working to improve people’s strength and movement, PTs also need to be prepared to lift, stabilize, and support patients using their hands and, when necessary, their whole body (OK Career Guide). Physically working with the patients, however, is not the only task. Physical therapists also have to document the patient’s progress (OK Career Guide). This means that physical therapists spend a good amount of time at a computer or physically writing out the patient’s progress and notes about their latest visit for the “doctors, surgeons, or other…

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