Physical Therapist Vs Baker Research Paper

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Baker Entrepreneur vs Physical Therapist
My Aunt Michelle was constantly looking for a way to help someone, especially when they were upset. When she passed, my mom was immensely distressed, and I made it my personal mission to do anything I could to support her in this troubling event. Since then, I have always had the desire to brighten someone’s day in any way possible, whether it’s helping someone recover after a brutal surgery or simply baking a cake for a birthday party. In order to ensure I have all the necessary information to make a decision between the two professions, I have taken the the time to do extensive research on two different career paths: a physical therapist and a baker. While both careers would provide me with long
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If I were to become a baker, “The work can be stressful because bakers follow time-sensitive baking procedures and often work under strict deadlines. For example, bakers must follow daily production schedules to bake products in sufficient quantities while maintaining a consistent quality” (“Bakers”). This could be fitting for me because tend to thrive under pressure. Just as well, bakers stand for hours at a time will decorating pastries or preparing ingredients. This could prove to to woren my quality of life later on. On the other hand, physical therapists have a more physical strain. “Physical therapists spend much of their time on their feet, working with patients. Because they must often lift and move patients, they are vulnerable to back injuries” (“Physical Therapists”). When considering this piece of information, I have to remember that my family has a history medical issues including with their feet and backs. This could prove to be strenuous and could become a problem when I age. Based on the work environments of both jobs,pursuing either of these careers could be strenuous due to the risk of foot and back injuries that could worsen my ability to do daily

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