Physical Strength And Strength Of The Gym Essay

716 Words Nov 20th, 2015 3 Pages
In the last couple of years, I have been weightlifting in the gym. I initially took it up to gain strength and a leaner physique at the behest of my boyfriend, but partial credit is owed to my mom, who always inspired me to do what I want and be strong. Weightlifting to me is very rewarding in that I gain physical strength and confidence, yet there 's no one to compete with but myself. It 's about personal goals and being my personal best--not just physically but in all aspects of my life. Though traditionally weightlifting was solely for men, recently more and more women are getting into it. It is definitely a way in which I empower myself, as well as working to break down gender-barriers. Though weightlifting is gaining popularity among women, few women actually know correct form and generally do not work with anything past 10lbs of weight in the gym. According to the article, Gender In The Gym, women often do not even touch weights for fear of being evaluated negatively by onlookers, who will take notice of their lack of proficiency. When I first got into weightlifting, I studied proper form for various exercises, and with help from my boyfriend, started with light weight until my form was correct and then worked my way up in the amount of weight I used, in order to increase my strength. While most women are still under the impression that weights build a manly physique and that lifting heavy adds bulk, I learned that that is a myth (for women only!), which is why I…

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