Physical Science Is A Required Freshman Level Class Essay

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Physical science is a required freshman level class. The physical science curriculum will be filled with a great variety of activities. Students will be expected to think, reason, and solve problems using the scientific method. Notes, charts, graphs, concept mapping and lab work will be used to explore all areas of physical science. The first through the third nine weeks will be dedicated to Chemistry, the fourth nine weeks to Physics. The course will provide an introduction to both subjects and facilitate the students ' understanding of the connective quality the subjects have to each other and the other sciences. Student Chrome Books and Internet research will be included throughout the curriculum.

Grading per nine weeks will be based on total points. At the end of the first semester and at the end of the year there will be cumulative semester exams that will be twenty percent of the semester grade. There will not be a cumulative exam at the end of the first and third nine weeks. Points will be assigned for classwork, homework, labs, projects, and tests. CLASSROOM RULES AND EXPECTATIONS:
1. Be on time! I will record every tardy. Be seated before the bell rings.
“On time” means you are in your seat with materials on your desk when the bell rings.
2. Be prepared! Bring Chromebook, notebook, assignments, paper and pencils/pens to every class.
3. Turn in all assignments in on time. Late papers will not be accepted. Extra credit will only…

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