Physical Purposes And Protection From Age Related Degeneration

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Dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, flavonoids, herbs, and accessory food factors, are among the most valuable and safe substances for prevention and treatment of serious chronic and acute diseases associated with mortality, as well as everyday health problems that cause discomfort and disability. It is important to take adequate doses for their full benefits. Because they prevent deficiency diseases at low doses, they have acquired a reputation for being necessary only at these low levels. As a result, many physicians ignore the value of much higher doses that are useful for therapeutic purposes and protection from age-related degeneration. Micronutrients are also known by the general public as vital substances.

Orthomolecular medicine is based on the targeted intake of micronutrients to meet an increased need as a result of acute or chronic illnesses, osteoarthritis, or in specific circumstances such as pregnancy. But micronutrients should not be taken indiscriminately or along the lines of more is better. Instead, and taking account of findings in nutritional medicine, specific combinations should be used that have been tailored to each particular need or medical indication, the right combination of micronutrients with a well-balanced dosage. Almost all micronutrients are consumed in our daily diet. However, dietary supplementation can make sense in special situations in order to meet the need for vital substances.…

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