Physical Fitness Is Not A Problem Essay

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Everybody wants to look fit and have a good looking body. Physical fitness has to do with more than just losing weight, it can also improve a person’s health. If you think about back in the day, being physical fit was not a problem. Now since fast food restaurants started developing its been a worldwide problem. Many health problems could be avoided if we all cared about our physical fitness, that 's why physical fitness can help humanity. There are many types of ways and tools that can help you be physically fit. If you want a change you can accomplish it, what counts is that you try your hardest to reach your goal.
John F. Kennedy said “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” Physical fitness is composed of a good diet and regular physical exercise to reduce any chance of diseases or development of cancer. Cardiorespiratory exercise is when you improve your body 's intake of oxygen and how your working your body would be with aerobic fitness. (Mikesky) Oxygen makes up 21% of air on earth along with other gases.

Physical fitness in the 70 's was of people jogging and jazzercising with some modern inventions that we had and the people were more fit than what they are now. In the 10,000 BC the people didn 't realize they were being physically fit by “running for your life.” In the past you had to be active in order to survive in the wilderness. You had to be able to…

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