Physical Faults And Its Effects On The World Essay

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The most difficult obstacle Junior had to overcome throughout this book was himself. Junior had had many restrictions in his life, from having to undergo surgery when he was only six months old, to being bullied at a young age. The surgery left Junior nearsighted in one eye which caused him to get headaches. Junior also had forty-three teeth while the typical human had thirty-two. His skull was “enormous”. Junior’s physical faults were used against him while enduring the endless bullying at the hands of his fellow Indians on the reservation. He once said, “My head was so big that little Indian skulls orbited around it. Some kids called me orbit. And other kids just called me Globe. The Bullies would pick me up, spin me in circles, put their finger down on my skull and say, ‘I want of go there (Pg 3).’” If his physical faults were seen as bad, then Junior’s insides were considered the worst. He suffered from horrible seizures. They would occur at least two times a week and damaged his already impaired brain. Although he had not suffered a seizure in seven years, he is still vulnerable to seizure activity. Junior also had a stutter and a lisp. Due to this, people view him as a retard. According to him, “Everybody on the rez calls me a retard about twice a day. They call me retard when they are pantsing me or stuffing my head in the toilet or just smacking me upside the head (Pg 4).” With the constant bullying, Junior usually stayed inside to draw cartoons. When faced with…

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