Physical Education in Secondary Schools Essay

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Physical Education In Secondary Schools

My philosophy of physical education in the secondary setting deals with students becoming physically fit. Also that students learn how to communicate with others, especially in a team setting. My philosophy also holds in it different teaching methods. Methods that physical education teachers can use to get the most out of their students. With this philosophy of physical education I plan to use it toward becoming a good teacher. The major reason for having physical education in secondary schools is to lead the students toward a better lifestyles and to be physically fit. There was an article published In 1992 by, The National Association for Sport and
Physical Education (NASPE), stating what
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Education is not only a necessity, but a major part of life. Some children perceive school as a punishment. Including myself, that was the way I felt as a child. But as I grew older I found out that learning can be fun.
Some children seem to take education for granted. When I was a school boy, I never realized how much I was learning. The only thing that got me through school was the two days of physical education that I had per week. If I knew then how much I was learning, I probably would have enjoyed school more.
Educators need to be aware of this and make children realize that they are accomplishing something every time a fact is embedded in their head. A good way of letting children no they are learning is by positive feedback. Positive feedback can work wonders with struggling students, as well as achieving students. In my own experiences of playing sports I had two very different coaches. One coach was very positive and one was very negative. The coach who offered positive feedback is the coach I admired more, and is also the coach I listened to the most. The coach who said negative things, I didn't care to listen to. By giving positive feedback the teacher or coach allows the child to be a believer in his/her self. When the learner starts believing in themselves then learning becomes easier and more learning occurs. I would like to make physical education an enjoyable learning

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