Physical Distribution and Logistics of Mcdonalds Essay

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PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS A company the size of McDonald's requires the value chain to be increasingly important. Not only does McDonald's want to add value for the customers, but also the firm looks for ways to improve the operations that makes McDonald's a more efficient business .McDonald's is constantly striving to add value to the firm for their customers, and in doing so, the firm has created efficiency in getting the products to the customers quickly and as fresh as possible. McDonald's is constantly looking for ways to improve and is successful because of the continuous updates on equipment, improvement on serving time, and in finding more ways than one to satisfy customers. McDonald's value chain is unique because of …show more content…
To do so, McDonald’s transferred its state-of-the-art food processing technology to India, enabling Indian businesses to grow by improving their ability to compete in today’s international markets. McDonald’s has worked with local Indian suppliers to consistently improve the quality and increase greater yields of agricultural products. For instance, it helped farmers of Trikaya Agriculture Company to grow high-quality lettuce year round in Ooty, Pune, Delhi,and other regions. McDonald’s shared with Trikaya advanced agricultural technology and expertise like utilization of drip irrigation systems that reduce overall water consumption and agricultural management practices. For quality control, Trikaya’s post-harvest facilities now include a large cold storage facility, a cold chain consisting of a pre-cooling room to remove field heat and large refrigerated vans with humidity controls. To ensure standardization and higher quality, Vista International, which supplies the pies, nuggets, and vegetable and chicken patties, built a new facility in 1996 with help from McDonald’s. This new facility has insulated panels, temperature control, and chill rooms. Vista International has obtained American Institute of Bakers and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)certification for quality standards. In

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