Physical Development Observation Essay examples

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Alexis Christakos
ED 7101 Child Development
Fall 2011

Observation #1
Name of Child: Leah
Age: 3 years 4 months
Area of Development: Physical (Fine/Gross Motor Skills)
Date: Monday, October 3, 2011
Time: 1PM

Context: For my project my will observe my friends child Leah, Leah is three years old and four months. I went to her home to observe her. Leah lives at home with her mom, dad and two older sisters. Her sisters are nine and six years old. When I arrived at the house Leah was sitting on the couch watching Wonder Pets, her favorite show. Only Leah and her mom were home at this time, her sisters were still in school and the dad was at work. I have been to the house many times before and Leah is very comfortable around me. My
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After she played with the iPod for a while I asked if she wanted to play with the Lego’s. She scurried off the couch again and ran to the blocks and dumped the whole container on the floor. I sat down next to her and started to build with the Lego’s. I watched as she changed from left hand to her right hand as she stacked the Lego’s. She kept switching hands then putting the other hand on the floor. It looked as if she was balancing herself. She stacked about four or five blocks then knocked them down. After she knocked them down she sat completely on the floor and crossed her legs. Leah ask “What you make?” I told her I was making a bridge and asked if she wanted to help. She took a few Lego’s and placed them on my bridge. Leah went back to building on her own. She counted the Lego’s and said each color as well. Later that day we went to pick up her sisters from school and Leah pointed to every car and said the color also, her mom said this is a new phase. We played Lego’s for a while and I watched as she stacked the Lego’s with ease and knocked them down. Sometimes the Lego’s fell on their own because she stacked them too high. She laughed when they fell and looked at me with big eyes and an open mouth.

Reflection: For my first observation I didn’t have a specific area of development to focus on. I wanted to see if Leah would guide me to a certain area of development. When she picked up the iPod I immediately thought of

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