Physical Attractiveness Affects Impression Formation Essay

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Physical Attractiveness Affects Impression Formation When going somewhere from the first, we want to look our best and create a good impression on other people. There is a famous saying that first impression is a lasting impression. We want people to think positive about ourselves right from the first time they meet us. On the first day of college or school, students want to show our best and show positive characteristics to form an impression on other students and teachers. On a job interview is where people what to form a good impression on employers. In social psychology, this is known as impression formation where people form an impression of themselves. This is quite important in our society where people starts to form opinions of other people. Often times, this impression formation can lead to stereotypes. Judging people based on first impression can sometimes create bias opinions of other people. The personality traits are perceived when form an impression and also allows people to develop an impression formation by show positive traits or negative traits. “This remarkable capacity we possess to understand something of the character of another person… with particular characteristics forming a distinct individuality, is a precondition of social life (Asch, 1946, p. 258). Negative traits usually form negative impression whereas positive traits can from positive impression. Impression formation is something that we people do all the time and mostly judge people based on…

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