Physical Appearance Of The Ranch Essay example

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We all have a happy place somewhere on this planet. It’s that place we refuge to when we want to escape from reality. My safe haven is my grandparent’s ranch which is located in Michoacan, Mexico. This property has been family owned since 1956, so it has plenty of family history. My father and six of his siblings were born in different areas of the ranch’s home. A few of my aunts also had their weddings out in the backyard. The family history that this ranch holds is the main reason that it will always be my safe haven.

The physical appearance of the ranch is stunning. There is a dirt road surrounded by huge oak trees that leads to the ranch; it feels like you are traveling to a secret castle in a forest. Upon arriving to the ranch there is a huge wooden gate that opens with a family passcode. Once inside the gates, you are hit with the beautiful landscape of the ranch. My grandparents always water the grass, causing it to have a nice light green color. To the left of the yard you can see horses, chickens, and a lake out in distance towards the back. To the right there are swing sets and other kid size toys for the grandchildren to play on. There is also a maze-like garden filled with different flowers, fruits, and other plants used for home remedies. The garden is usually where family members go to when they are in need of some alone time.

After the two minute drive on the stone driveway you arrive at the three story house. The appearance of the home is like…

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