Physical Appearance In Cyrano De Bergerac, By Edmond Rostand

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Register to read the introduction… Anyone who has seen her smile has known her perfection. She creates grace without movement, and makes divinity fit into her slightest gesture. And neither Venus in her shell, nor Diana striding in the great, blossoming forest, can compare to her when she goes through the streets of Paris in her sedan chair!"(Rostand 50) Cyrano refers to her as almost a goddess. And as Cyrano is not specifically attractive and very un-confident Roxanne never notices Cyrano’s attraction towards her, but when an attractive young man joins Cyrano’s regiments as one of the famous Gascon cadets, Roxanne is smitten at first sight of his handsome face. When she seeks help in securing her love interest’s safety, she confides in her old friend and relative, Cyrano. "Promise me nothing will endanger his life!” Roxanne pleads to Cyrano and when he unwillingly agrees (Rostand 148). Roxanne proclaims “I trust you to look after him!" as she fleas masked into the streets of Paris

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