Essay Physical And Spiritual And Emotional Wellbeing

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A mandala is circular in structure and is unique to the individual who is using the mandala on their journey. The mandala is unique to the user because the user needs to pick out one that represents them and ensure that it is visually appealing to them as a person. For my mandala the attributes mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing would be in different sizes on my mandala because I feel my mental wellbeing mean more to me then my physical and spiritual and emotional wellbeing (What’s, 2015). The yellow area is my mental wellbeing. My mental wellbeing has always been important because if my mental wellbeing is stressed or in chaos my mind has never been able to concentrate and think things through. Being able to buckle down and clearing my mind to have the ability to think things through is just harder for me when my mind is in chaos over a stress or issue in my life. Having my mind clear and my mental wellbeing in top notch shape has always been important to me because if my mind is in good mental shape then I can work any issue out. In my opinion being able to figure out an issue in my mind is the way I work on the issues that can arise in my life (Seaward, 2015).
The purple area is my emotional wellbeing. This is the second most important part of my life. Being emotional secure whether I’m happy or sad means I’m secure in my life and my life is not in shambles. My emotional wellbeing doesn’t mean I have to be happy twenty four but it does mean…

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