Physical And Psychological Health Of Human Health Essay

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Some professionals still share physical and psychological health as two separate things, but the definition of the term health is the complete and satisfactory integration between these two sides, in which both are of equal importance. when we consider the joint work of professionals allies around the individual with the aiming of promotion, prevention, treatment or cure / reestablishment of health, we as professionals in this team should bear in mind that to take care of this complex and indivisible subject in a satisfactory manner, may at first seem paradox, we must define and split the roles of each health professional. This means that inversely, what we should not divide by looking at the subject in terms of physical and mental health, we should do the opposite way with each function of each professional a team of health so that we can keep dividing that functions to unit that represents the meaning of human health. The dietitian as well as other professionals should have indispensable function to look at the entire health of the individual. Once the act of feeding is indispensable to the completeness of any individual. Few things we need to do more than once a day to keep our bodies working properly as the act of eating and drinking water, as well as a car needs gasoline to work, we need the food. Also, is a fact that nowadays we find a scary number of illnesses and deaths caused by chronic diseases and among the main causes are the bad eating habits that has been…

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