Essay on Physical And Psychological Effects Of Stress

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Modern day society is constantly moving and eliciting high profiles and demands while carrying with it both physical and psychological effects. These effects are commonly known as stress. Every person in this world has been under some sort of stress, whether it be big or small. How we react to the strain on both our minds and bodies can determine how well we cope under this prolonged stress, or better known as chronic stress. When presented under tension our bodies react by operating interconnected neuroendocrine circuits (Mariotti, 2015). These circuits allow us to return to homeostasis equilibrium. Chronic stress occurs when the stimulus becomes too intense or lasts too long and the body cannot adapt under such circumstances. Without achieving homeostasis the neuroendocrine circuits become altered and can lead to illness (Mariotti, 2015). Stress can be handled by both predicting an oncoming stressor and controlling it. The amount of time it takes to control the stimulus is different from how strong the stimulus is. There is correlation in a strong and continuous stimulus having long-term effects, but the main problem is that stress will worsen if the neuroendocrine circuits do not adapt to the stressor, no matter how small the stimulus is (Anderson et al., 2014; Mariotti, 2015). When stress becomes chronic the “GC-dependent negative feedback mechanism that controls stress response does not work” (Mariotti, 2015) causing resistance and the “molecular mediators to remain…

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