Essay Physical And Psychological Changes Of Stress

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Stress, a single word can produce growth or destruction. There are physical and psychological changes or reaction associated with stress (Citation). I personally believe some manageable stress is beneficial to growth, development and performance. However, I have seen stress bring a person to their knees and crack a foundation. Unfortunately, I have also seen stress resolved though suicide. Stress is a cruel action that can change direction; becoming productive to destructive on the turn of a dime. It is important to evaluate the aspects of a situation that are out of your control. Additionally, it is important to take steps that make stress manageable as well as develop individual strategies to assist in counteracting the effects of stress.
In a stressful situation it is important to focus on what you can control. As a critical care nurse I work in a stressful environment and realize that there are factors I can control. Johansen and Cadmus (2016) found that it is a person’s perception of the work environment that assists in managing stress. Recognizing internal stressors sources is important when managing aspects of a stressful situation (citation). Limiting the amount of negative emotions perceived in a stressful situation helps to decrease the chance of a destructive type loss of control. In an event of a cardio pulmonary arrest with a patient, I have the decision to control my emotions; staying calm and collective helps to provide relief and support to others. If I…

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