Physical And Intangible Forms Of An Mba Essay

798 Words Oct 10th, 2016 4 Pages
There are common moments in our lives where we need to gain access to areas otherwise closed off. Typically, a key is used to unseal and gain access. We can find them in both physical and intangible forms. Examples may include a physical key to unlock the door to your house. Others may be passwords, relationships, knowledge, talent, or ability . In my life, I am currently seeking my own key. This tool which grants access to areas otherwise closed off is an MBA. Currently, I work as an HR Generalist in local government and thoroughly enjoy it. This is my fourth position in HR and, I feel, I have reached a point where my education (Bachelor’s Mass Comm., U.S.M.) and experience (20 yrs in retail) have carried me to what some may call a professional plateau. I prefer to look at it as a precipice. A plateau can be a happy place and provide beautiful views and perspectives. Many people are happy here. A precipice has the potential to be one in a series of great heights, offering multiple viewing options and experiences. It isn’t hard to see that your words, wisdom, and advice can often be initially graded by the credentials you carry. Experience absolutely holds a value but to open doors and fulfill ideas, there must be a firm, stable surface on which to build. The HR Management MBA will provide the credential and stable surface of knowledge that I would use to fuel my career and achieve my personal goals. Helping drew me into the field of Human Resources. For me, this has…

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