Essay about Physical And Emotional / Mental

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Starting from top of body to bottom:
• Comb hair gently after bathing, tilting head and dividing into sections
• Be mindful of medical schampoos and the lushness they can deliver, the difference between bad and good schampoos are extraordinary
• Massage schampoo gently and rhythmically, clean back of neck and ears, lower lip where glands are located
• wash hair away from bath to avoid leftover hair sticking to your body
• if long haired, tie knots gently and not too hard, it must never hurt or be uncomfortable to wear a knot
• Keep hair away from face if sensitive skin
Eyes and brows
• Do not frown
• if smiling use eyes too, otherwise perceived as fake
• pick eyelashes regurlarly and sometimes pick eyebrows with fingertips to clear excess
• Never use fingrs to clean eyes, always use paper inbetween, if eye itches use knuckle
• Sometimes eyes relax when gently pressed towards nose and from nose, be careful
• the best eyebrow look is marlon brando
• Pick nose carefully, use paper if possible
• dont sneeze too hard
• if it smells bad, its bad
• when you have a cold, use soft or wet paper to sneeze into
• Avoid biting lips or tearing pieces of flesh from them
Mouth, tongue & jaw
• Use soft toothbrush, morning, night and when unclean
• use floss every evening
• chew calmly when eating something tasty, otherwise high bite risk
• scan teeth with tongue to catch food remains, otherwise may putrefy and become…

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