Moving Away From Home: A Short Story

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I have found a better place to be. It’s feels almost foreign, but it is slowly wrapping around me, comforting me into this new life. I have been born again, taking baby steps day by day. My life has been severely affected from the way I was treated by my parents growing up. I still have problems today that I can relate back to my childhood. I was subjected to physical and emotional abuse in many different forms. Furthermore I have taken steps to transition myself into a healthier lifestyle when I moved away from, “home.” Three years old hearing my father beat my mum relentlessly; feelings pent up full of emotion, tears begin to well, and my throat developed a lump too big to swallow. Why he did this to her? My older sister and I tried …show more content…
There was something different in her voice, this time there was fear. Alexus and I raced out of the closet, blood running cold at the sight. This was true fear, our actions had to be quick. Heart pounding, adrenaline flowing, Father was growing more angry by the second. Holding a hammer raised above her head while tears streamed down her cheeks. Panicking for an object to throw, there was soup cans on the counter, filling our little lungs with air and screamed at him to come get us instead and threw the cans at him. My arms failed from the tingling sensation spreading throughout my body; the can did not reach him. He looked at us, a deadly look, no humanity or mercy. Spine tingling chills running up and down, Alexus took my hand, we ran as fast as we could back to the closet as Father ran down the hall. Hammer in hand, shaking with so much fear we slammed the door, tiny fingers trembling, working together, barely made the lock just in time as he slammed his body against the door. I came to realize, this man was not my father. His name is Brian and he is a monster. This had been happening for some time, seeing so much evil, it was life, and it was normal to me. Some strange sense of comfort came from when Brian ran down the street tearing his shirt off screaming at anyone who was outside. Meanwhile mother told us to run into the jeep as Alexus helped me …show more content…
I reconnected with an old boyfriend and things started looking up for me. He helped me find the value of life and what it means to me. I started to build more confidence in myself and I stopped doubting myself so much. He helped me break free from what I had been told my whole life. I realized that I am a person, and that I matter.

As I was beginning to create a self love, my mum tried tear it down. She feared I would realize that I could leave, and I did. The moment I left my so called home to live with my boyfriend. I had gotten my first taste of real freedom. The air was cleaner somehow, things looked bright. As if the sky had cleared and the sunlight was my future, I felt at peace. For the first time in my life nothing was unattainable, experiencing the subtle lifestyle of college, walking around the city with no worries, becoming part of the normal society. Time that was lost was is being made up

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