Physical and Chemical Change Lab Essay

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Patrick Kelly
Physical and Chemical Changes Lab

Question: How do you distinguish a physical and chemical change?
Hypothesis: If we use these materials and use magnets, water, burners, and filters on the mixtures and elements given we should determine what kind of effect these materials given will have on these mixtures and elements, physical or chemical.
-Part A: Record all observations of Part A in Data Table 1 1. Label each substance on seven pieces of paper. Put two pieces of magnesium ribbon on the paper labeled “Magnesium”. 2. Examine each substance with a magnifying glass. Record observations in Data Table 1. 3. Test the effect of a magnet on each substance by passing the magnet under
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10. Put the normal magnesium and combustion product into separate test tubes. Add 10 drops of 6M hydrochloric acid to each test tube. Feel the bottom of each test tube and record your answer. 11. Put half of the sucrose sample into a test tube. Caution: Be sure tube is cool before handling it. After test tube is cool, use a spatula to scrape residue and clean test tube. Examine residue and test its solubility in water. 12. Transfer sodium hydrogen carbonate sample to test tube. Add 5 drops of 6M hydrochloric acid. Touch tube at bottom with hand and record observation. 13. Follow teacher’s instruction for proper disposal of materials.
-Part C: Record all observations for Part C in Data Table 2 14. Samples of the iron-sulfur mixture from Part B will be put into a clean test tube. The mass of the test tube and its contents will be determined and recorded. The test tube will be heated gently and vigorously for several minutes. Caution: This heating must be done under a fume hood. After heating is complete, the mass needs to be reweighted and recorded. Examine reaction product, test effect of magnet on reaction product. 15. Your teacher will dispose of materials properly.
Data Table 1: Physical Properties of matter Substance and formula | Physical State | Color | Odor | Solubility in Water | Effect of Magnet | Sulfur, S | Solid | Yellow | Distinct | No | None | Iron Filings, Fe | Solid | Grey | None | No | Yes | Sodium

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