Physical And Chemical And Physical Changes Essay

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When you look around, many changes happening and though students may not realize it until fifth grade; there is a system to characterize these changes as either a chemical or physical change. In fifth grade science, students are able to learn about the world around them, by experimenting and observing, and teachers and students will utilize these skills to develop a greater knowledge of chemical and physical changes. This paper’s purpose is to inform one about physical and chemical changes, and then explain how it can be used in a learning segment that is developmentally appropriate for fifth grade students. When one looks around during the autumn season, students see leaves trickling down from the tree’s and bonfires lit to draw a group of friends, as students’ progress in their schooling their knowledge about the world around them is beginning to grow and develop. Physical changes are easier to understand for students to understand and then build on, (Jensen and Lott, 2012). A physical change is when a change occurs but is able to be reversed instead of being permanent, (Foresman, 2010, Georgia Performance Standards, 2007, Jensen and Lott, 2012, Maurer, 2013). One of the most common examples would be ice melting, because the substance remains water and can be frozen to create ice, (Jensen and Lott, 2012, Maurer, 2013). Another example would be a balled up piece of paper because the paper is still paper, (Foresman, 2010, Maurer, 2013). A chemical change happens when two…

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