Physical Activity At Saudi Arabia Essay

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“Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by the skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure above the basal level”(Caspersen, 1985).Regular physical activity has a positive relationship on decreasing various health conditions such astype 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke,and some types of cancer. Physical activity has an impact on weight control and lower the risk of depression (CDC, 2015).However, with all these benefits of physical activity, there is a high rate of inactive people. According to the World Health Organization, 31% of people worldwideages 15 and older are physically inactive (28% men, and 34%women) (WHO, 2015).
Physical Activity Level In Saudi Arabia:
The rates of physical activity among women in Saudi Arabia are lower than women in other countries (Shara, 2010). According to Al-Nozha et al(2007) study, 98.1% of Saudi females have inactive lifestyle. In addition, a study done by Memish et al (2014) on 10,735 participants, 51.1% of them were women. The study found that 57.1% of the women were having inactive lifestyles. The inactive lifestyles are not just high, but also get worst year after year. From 1996 to 2011 the inactive lifestyles among women increased from 84.7% to 98.1% (Alquaiz et al., 2014). Additionally,Khalaf et al (2013) aim to study the prevalence of physical activity among female university students. The 663 female university students were randomly selected and completed Arab Teens Life Style…

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