Physical Activity And Mental Health

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Physical activity is a necessary part of any persons’ individual, everyday lifestyle. Even though a large importance is placed on exercising and physical activity not everyone participates. Obesity is a nation-wide problem and continues to rapidly grow in the world we live in, specifically in the United States. Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to combat today’s issues with obesity in children and adults. For instance, information provided from The Alliance for a Healthier Generation state, “Today about 1 in every 3 kids are overweight or obese. Studies show that overweight kids turn into overweight or obese adults”. In correlation, over one third of adults in the United States are also affected by obesity. The estimated annual …show more content…
In today’s world, mental disorders is of major health significance. Some type of mental health disorder is estimated to affect around fifteen percent of our population in any given year. Exercise and physical movement help combat these types of mental disorders. “Some of these psychological benefits are improved confidence, well-being, sexual satisfaction, anxiety reduction, and positive effects of mood and intellectual functioning” (Mental Health). These physical movements and activities provide a preventative benefit that helps allow those to be susceptible to mental illness as well as improving the functioning of those …show more content…
This activity can be utilized by any individual no matter their current shape and condition. This can include workouts that are just body weight centered such as, pushups, pull ups, planks, walls sits, or even lunges. These workouts will help you become more physically toned but in better overall shape. Other workouts that include actual weights include, leg press, dumbbell pushups, weighted pushups and pullups as well as many more. This type of weight training puts stress on the muscle that causes them to adapt and get stronger. This process includes breaking down the fibers in the muscles to help them rebuild larger and stronger than ever. For these exercises you won’t need to be in the gym and working out for a long time actually the contrary. It is found to be more effective to get into a routine of two to three twenty to thirty minute workouts per week. The Department for Health and Human services recommends being involved with strength training of the major muscle groups at least twice a week. For those wanting to see results quicker the best thing to do is to match these workouts with a healthy and well balanced diet. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand and one without the other you will not gain the results you are looking to

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